How do I make my own sound?

You know that sound right before you hear news you’ve been waiting to hear? That high  to low pitch vibration in the distance that instantly gets closer? The trill that stops after the conversations ends?

Yup. I think we have all had one of those.

I had one just today.

From a nice human that told me they had offered the job to their first candidate and they have accepted the job. They want to let you know that there might be a position opening up in a couple of months and is keeping you mind.

The phone call ends.

Then the trill begins in another vibration.

The vibrations of Why do I get so close and never get the job? Am I not good enough? Is this not the right thing for me to do? What is the right thing for me to do? Is this God’s way of saying, ‘Not yet.’ Will I ever get a job again? Is there something better out there for me? Is there anything out there for me? Will I ever find my way? 

The reverberation goes over and over and over.

How do I make the trilling stop? How do I let go of the song? How do I make my own sound?



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